Kazakhstan 450TPH Gold Tailing Crushing Line

Project ProfileBefore re-cleaning, gold tailing must be scattered and broken firstly. The gold tailing of our customer has deposited for 40 to 50 years at least

Project Profile

Before re-cleaning, gold tailing must be scattered and broken firstly. The gold tailing of our customer has deposited for 40 to 50 years at least and got hardened. The winter in Kazakhstan is freezing and endless, so the sedimentary gold tailing is usually harder and wetter than ordinary tailing. Still, the customer has a high demand on the capacity. Through comprehensive analysis on material, climate and customer demands, SBM engineers refused the ordinary facilities like impact crushers and jaw crushers by recommending the screening-typed double-geared roller crusher which is rare in domestic market. At the end of 2016, the customer purchased 3 screening-typed double-geared roller crushers in total.

Design Scheme

Material: Gold tailing

Input Size: < 300mm

Output Size: 40-50mm

Capacity: 450TPH

Equipment: 3 2SBMC75300 screening-typed double-geared roller crushers

About Equipment

2SBMC Series Classifying Crusher which has big processing capacity is a new kind of classifying crushing equipment. Different from traditional toothed roll crusher whose crushing mode is hitting and squeezing, the 2SBMC Classifying Crusher connects shearing and stretching to crush material. It adopts high torsion and low rotational speed of tooth roller and cutting picks to get specific product granularity. This classifying crusher is applicable for medium-hard materials in coal, electricity, mining, metallurgy, chemical engineering industries.

Equipment Advantages

1.Under the action of shearing and stretching, material crushing can be carried out while the crusher doesn't need to rotate at a high speed, which can lead less wear and save more energy;

2.Adjustable center distance between tooth rollers is beneficial to control the granularity precisely. Besides, the equipment can crush and screen materials simultaneously. So the system is simplified and the investment is reduced;

3.Strong crushing strength, big capacity, adjustable rigidity of material, good effect for clammy material crushing;

4.Online automatic central control system and intelligent lubrication device ensure safe production;

Over 3-month machine preparation, 3 screening-typed double-geared roller crushers have been transported to Kazakhstan successfully. Later, they will be installed, debugged and put into use.

Extended Reading

Actually, screening-typed double-geared roller crusher is widely used in coal industry, not the metallic ore industry. To meet developmental demand of domestic coal industry, China has imported the first MMD's double-geared roller crusher from England.

The coal crushing is different from metallic ore crushing. When the coal is quarried (especially in large open pits), the granularity is big so the handling capacity is big, too. The main purpose of crushing is to make transportation convenient. Therefore, as for coal crushing, nothing can be more adjustable than screening-typed double-geared roller crusher which features big processing capability, big feeding size, proper crushing, even output granularity and higher briquette rate (5%-7% higher than that of traditional crushers). Particularly, this kind of crusher is small and light and its supporting structure is simple so it is usually used in mobile crushing plants and semi-mobile crushing plants. However, it is expensive so until now it has not been widely popularized at home yet.

Based on absorbing technologies of English MMD Company, 2SBMC Series Crusher has more scientific innovations by strengthening the quick-wear parts, adjusting distances between rollers. Meanwhile, its transmission system, motor and bearing are from famous companies. The excellent performance makes operation at minus 50 degrees possible.